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best video theme to monetize?

January 31, 2014 Monetise Your Website

Concern by syd t: ideal video theme to monetize?
I will purchase eleganttheme or woo theme for my video clip site. Woo Themes is clean and nice looking, yet I am wondering if there are other motifs with better ad placement to generate income from much better.

Any kind of pointers?

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Answer by Sound judgment
That’s ludicrous. You will not make any kind of money that means.

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What does it mean to monetize my video?

December 23, 2013 Monetise Your Website

Concern by : What does it imply to monetize my video clip?
I have videos on you tube and it asked me if I wanted to monetize my videos. What does that indicate? Will I start earning if I have a certain variety of views? Or?

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Answer by Hannah

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what is the requirement to monetise a video on youtube?

December 11, 2013 Monetise Your Website

Question by Incomesurfer: what is the requirement to monetise a video on youtube?
Hello guys I am planning to make a click bank video and promote it in youtube, I also want to use adsense to monetise the video. What is the minimum requirement for a video to be monetised in youtube?? How many views does it need??Will I able to monetize it with only 1000 views? My account is PVA and already 7 month old.

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Answer by Fishy
It does not need and requirement, only there has to be no copyright claims.

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