Q&A: What is the best niche to start a website?

June 16, 2014 Monetise Your Website

Inquiry by Ughein Selva Sgi: What is the best particular niche to start a website?
I wish to function on my site. The issue is I do not have a good specific niche to begin. As the individuals call it a financially rewarding specific niche. Essentially, exactly what is the most rewarding specific niche to begin with presently?

Ideal answer:

Response by David
It depends exactly how you intend to monetize your internet site. If you are actually visiting market something then the profit is actually visiting depend upon your suppliers. The lower your COGS (expense of goods marketed) the more you need to make. However if you are going to monetize with Ad feeling and you are trying to find an excellent key word then choosing the most rewarding is not an excellent suggestion if you do not have much experience. You would be far better off locating a key phrase with much less competitors so you could place higher. The amount of quality traffic you can create is what makes a website financially rewarding not always a financially rewarding keyword.

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