How to monetize web proxy site?

February 23, 2014 Monetise Your Website

Concern by Georgi Himchev: Just how to monetize internet proxy site?
Answers from qualified individuals with encounter needed!

A month ago I decided to attempt my skills to establish an internet proxy. I had no intent of going major regarding it I simply intended to go through the actions of developing such a site and above all looking into feasible holding solutions and the expenditures.

I managed very well, and my web proxy is going for the moment –
I really did not thought I can locate such a cheap VPS and begin my internet proxy so very easy, however here it is after 3 days of job. I have actually searched for some methods to monetize it but all ppc call for some ensured impressions. Adsense is okay but I wont make more earnings than my expenses till I have substantial quality traffic.

So below is my quesiton: How could I generate income from quality traffic to my web proxy. I do not care regarding customer experience. I could make use of pop ups, pop unders, i-frames … whatever. I merely want to start gaining some money ASAP.

I have a bunch of other expenses and I require to know if I can acquire a rapid capital on my web proxy. I don’t have to make bucket loads of money, I just should be level – 20$ income a month will certainly be ok.

Please provide me some assistance on ways to change this. I do not have any kind of encounter with PPC – ppc. I have actually succeeded at couple of member campaigns and I need to understand that too.

If you want acquiring my proxy or dealing with it for a cut, drop me a msg.

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Answer by H Tino
Cost Per Action gateway which require visitors to complete short email/zip code submits.

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