can adsense be approved to a free blog within a month ?

Inquiry by : can adsense be approved to a free blog site within a month?
i made a free blog on photoshop tutorials 1 month ago. i had sent it for adsense several times, yet every single time it has been refused. just there’s a buddy of mine, he is a proprietor of youtube network, he had monetized many videos and he had somewhat 10000 sights in total. now he made a blog simply some days ago and he had just made 2 articles. in one article he had actually connected a youtube video clip from his stations. i am stunned that there are 2 adchoices promotions beginning his blog site. is it due to his youtube money making?

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Answer by Jake
If he was already accepted fro Adsense via his youtube network, it’s a lot less complicated to then include various other sites. There’s a chance that your tricky these baffles the Adsense crawlers when they inspect for content, though I view some 34 pages were indexed by google search.

Their rejection notes can be instead vague, I would certainly claim the motif habits or maybe not huge text in the tutorials may be the issue. It’s been mentioned that after being rejected 3 ties Google doesn’t even examine the site any sort of more, could be time to proceed.

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