I own a photo sharing website. Where can I find good advertising to help monetize a website of this genre?

Problem by Mike H: I possess a photo discussing internet site. Where can I discover good marketing to assist generate income from a site of this genre?
I have been in Online marketing for lots of years. I currently use AdSense, AdBrite, Text Ads, PerformancingAds and many others. Most situations, such as AdSense grow on website content, however my website is quite much like Flickr and is 95 % photos with quite little text. I require something a lot more suited to photo ads/content. (Yes, I utilize AdSense banners currently). Thanks every person.
To clarify, the issue is not with the web traffic amount, the problem is with the CPM. The CPM number has dropped substantially, while web traffic has kept itself. The problem is seeking information into different sorts of advertising (ie: watermarked images, advertisements that show up in the footer location of a photo, etc, etc) Many thanks.

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Solution by dburka
drive web traffic. only means people are going to place an advertisement or touch your advertisement banners is website traffic. drive visitor traffic!

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