How to sell/monetize a sports technique?

Concern by Thomas A: Exactly how to sell/monetize a sports method?
Hey there ppl, I took place to find a brand-new strategy which could be taken to play tennis to strike gos with an unique impact that can potentially produce winners / assist the player succeed the factor quickly.
It could help to succeed 3 to 4 points in a match, like a person claimed, however possibly can be definitive in certain matches.
A person also informed me that once I expose it, any individual will have the ability to replicate it/imitate it and I’ll acquire absolutely nothing from it.
I spoke to among the well-known players of the 80’s however haven’t offered any sort of prices yet. I was thinking perhaps 500 K to 1M bucks, considering that it can be used professionally also, I may be as well high or as well low? Satisfy provide suggestions.

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Solution by cactusgene
My friend, a concept costs absolutely nothing, up until you have an item (in your case possibly a DVD) and people want to acquire it. The numbers you are chatting around are not simply out in left area, however they are out of this world. You can constantly copyright your concept and that gives you some protection.

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