Please review/critique my blog…how can I monetize it?

Problem by : Please review/critique my blog … how can I monetize it?
I have a blog about style and I am asking yourself exactly how could I monetize it. I was believing, that if I could obtain sufficient of a following, possibly I could solicit ad space from neighborhood stores to spend for a “feature” of their shop, establishment, or item(s)?

For example, here is a function I did last year free of charge:.

Right here is the major page to my blog site:.

If I could obtain a huge more than enough following, possibly I might also obtain designers/photographers/models / and so on to spend for ‘functions’.

Any type of idea on things I could do to make the blog much better, and ways to benefit from it? I quit working on it earlier this year because I was trying to figure out just what I would like to finish with it, and so I prepare to re-launch it in September.

Any sort of advice/critiques/suggestions would certainly be GREATLY valued.

Likewise, should I maybe re-format to make sure that it doesn’t appear like Blogger? (So it looks even more like merely a regular internet site, in shorts?) I do not wish to proceed with a Blog owner style if blogging is ‘on it’s way out’… I would certainly instead convert it to a much more routine looking web site if blogging will certainly be a point of the past in another 5 years.

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Solution by A Xu
It looks amazing. You should definitely monetise it! Wait a couple of weeks and keep upgrading it! Follow my blog! I have actually adhered to yours!

Below is mine-

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