Q&A: How to monetize an Ebook ?

Concern by TheWiseOWL: The best ways to generate income from an Ebook?
There is a book written by my papa, nutritional expert, in 1991. Publication has not too numerous web pages, and is in Russian. I have a concept of translating it to English and making an ebook out of it, what are the methods of selling an ebook? is it feasible? content is 80 % special, some diet plans are frequently known however with this comments and reviews they’re one-of-a-kind likewise.

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Answer by Barry
One of the best methods is to give a relevant e-book out for free. I’m component of a book club and I legitimately have the rights to provide out books. I provide out 4 e-books a month with my club. You could also earn money with the club on five levels. Examine it out. gdiateam.com

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