how do i make money by owning a website?

Question by Yemisi: how do i earn money by having a web site?
im reasoning of owqning my very own web site to generate cash online im in an area where its difficult to make money so i figured i could possibly ue the net time does not permit me to work cuz im in med skul … pls recommendations me

Ideal solution:

Response by raina_vissora
If you don’t have time to dedicate to structure and preserving a site, you’re not going to make any sort of cash off it. Many sites earn money from ads. Advertisements pay based on how numerous rep view and/or click them. You require a great deal of web traffic to produce any kind of sort of good ad income, and if you don’t dedicate the moment to building a site people intend to go to, you don’t acquire the called for quality traffic.

Similarly, if you utilize your website to market a solution, instead of attempting to generate cash from ads, you’re visiting need to commit the moment required to actually offer that solution, or else nobody will certainly buy it from you.

In either case, generating cash online calls for initiative and a bunch of time.

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