I cant properly monetize my videos?

Concern by Sam: I cant properly monetize my videos?
The other day I obtained Google AdSense to start making money with my video clips, they have been monetized for time now and I haven’t been able to apply through YouTube since there is no where to use at. I complied with a video clip that revealed account attributes and afterwards money making, I did this ages ago when I began my account and there are ads on them, however I do not earn anything from it?

I do have the eco-friendly square with white ‘$ ‘. I have not yet to subscribe to AdSense until last night. When I started this morning it was decreased as the web site wasn’t obtainable. I place in www.xrazerreditsx.com (YouTube Channel name) because my actual site was told to use with weebly (which I already attempted and obtained informed to make an AdSense account first.) So it was declined considering that the internet site had not been obtainable.

I don’t recognize exactly how it is so damn complicated! Folks reach put ads on my video clips? Prior to it and make my viewers have to miss them, without anybody succeeding yet the firms that reach put their ads there?
When I received the email it said that i could resubmit the application. I would yet when I click the link they told me to visit, it shares “An AdSense account does not already existing for this login, as it is linked with an unauthorized application. To read more concerning your application, please testimonial the message we sent to the e-mail address you provided with your application.”.

Now if I comprehend correctly, I have actually been in a circle about 5 times and am sick of it.
Sorry my Indian Pal, however kindly F \* CK OFF while i am in an annoying scenario!
Some random man responded to with spam.

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Solution by Jake
Google most likely presumed you were applying to put ads on your internet site instead compared to your youtube network. Unfirtunately after being declined for one website it may compliate your youtube application process.


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