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Q&A: How should I monetize MyVideoGameBlog.com?

February 14, 2014 Monetise Your Website

Concern by Dennis G: Exactly how should I generate income from MyVideoGameBlog.com?
I simply acquired the domain name MyVideoGameBlog.com, and now I’m attempting to figure out just how to generate income with it. I was assuming of something like MySpace, except rent the profile room instead of offer it away and let the blog owners use their blog site to make cash or just blog.

Do you believe individuals would want MyVideoGameBlog.com/JohnSmith as their address to blog about video games?

I’m open to other suggestions likewise. I don’t assume I could personally blog enough about computer game to keep the website fresh and updated.

Ideal solution:

Solution by Killa Camera
get ad room with google
allow the blogger blog free of cost
attempt to order in contact with a youtube cleb and pay him to ...

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