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What can I legally monetize on YouTube?

January 17, 2014 Monetise Your Website

Question by Nathaniel: Exactly what can I lawfully generate income from on YouTube?
Can I generate income from a video clip that has matched 3rd party content (audio) but is still offered in all nations?

Could I monetize a video that YouTube has not matched third celebration material (sound) however it does have third party content.

Could I generate income from a video with quite short, indistinguishable 3rd party material that has actually not been matched by YouTube

Can I monetize a video which contains other YouTube videos with their audio somewhere in the video clip?

Can I monetize a video with audio that is not copyrighted by any person?

Many thanks for the help: D.

Ideal answer:

Answer by John Arkell
All I understand about money making is that you can not monetize a video if it is not...

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