What can I legally monetize on YouTube?

Question by Nathaniel: Exactly what can I lawfully generate income from on YouTube?
Can I generate income from a video clip that has matched 3rd party content (audio) but is still offered in all nations?

Could I monetize a video that YouTube has not matched third celebration material (sound) however it does have third party content.

Could I generate income from a video with quite short, indistinguishable 3rd party material that has actually not been matched by YouTube

Can I monetize a video which contains other YouTube videos with their audio somewhere in the video clip?

Can I monetize a video with audio that is not copyrighted by any person?

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Ideal answer:

Answer by John Arkell
All I understand about money making is that you can not monetize a video if it is not ALL created by you. You could just generate income from if the video clip is created solely by you.

They are really meticulous on this regulation, and that means any video clip you make (allows say your friends over in your sitting area arsing about) and if that video has popular music playing in the background that does not belong to you after that you can not monetize it. I am not sure, but I assume that would also apply to media using the TV in the background as well.

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