How to monetize my wordpress blog?

Concern by UCLAdude11: The best ways to monetize my wordpress blog site?
I have a blog site that is held by wordpress. I bought a domain for it, so its not the free of cost version. Just what are my choices in regards to attempting to monetize my blog? I created it on December 28th, and it reached 3,500 sights today. It’s a sporting activities blog site where I speak concerning UCLA football. is the domain.

Any recommendations? Recommendations?
Many thanks!

Finest solution:

Answer by Amy
In order for you to monetize the WordPress blog, right here are the reliable ideas:.

1. Your blog should have effective on-page SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is among the crucial primaries for your blog. If you don’t do some effective on-page optimization for your blog, you will not obtain higher ranks in Google and various other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. If you are having troubles in doing on-page marketing, merely discover communities that could assist you obtaining begun with SEO like GSEO.Net and the Warrior Online forum.

2. Do not flood your blog with ads.

If you try to flood your blog site with advertisements (Google Adsense, pop-up ads, Certified Public Accountant, etc.), the visitor or site visitor himself may get irritated and should never visit your blog site once again. If you desire it to be generated income from well, attempt to limit your advertisements to only four in the sidebar and one more one within your content. By doing this, your WordPress blog site may look clean.

3. Constructed targeted backlinks.

For certain, your WordPress blog might be lifeless without targeted back links. Try to build as several links as you could with your primary keyword phrase, yet ensure your reader is targeted. For instance, if your blog site is everything about cooking and dishes, your targeted audience should perform the very same specific niche (no matter if it’s a post directory site, social network, personal team, etc.)

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