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How to monetize my wordpress blog?

January 11, 2014 Monetise Your Website

Concern by UCLAdude11: The best ways to monetize my wordpress blog site?
I have a blog site that is held by wordpress. I bought a domain for it, so its not the free of cost version. Just what are my choices in regards to attempting to monetize my blog? I created it on December 28th, and it reached 3,500 sights today. It’s a sporting activities blog site where I speak concerning UCLA football.

uclafball.com is the domain.

Any recommendations? Recommendations?
Many thanks!

Finest solution:

Answer by Amy
In order for you to monetize the WordPress blog, right here are the reliable ideas:.

1. Your blog should have effective on-page SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is among the crucial primaries for your blog...

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