What are ways to monetize information?

Inquiry by Burton G: What are means to generate income from details?
Everybody anticipates info to be free of cost now-a-days. I am working together with a group of people that are some of the most attained individuals in their field, and we desire to release their details and deal help/advice to others, through write-ups, blogs, podcasts, etc

. What would certainly be the ideal means to monetize this? Registration based? Advertisements? Various other?

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Answer by L. E. Gant
Information is never ever truly complimentary, although it could look like it on the Internet.

We market books and short articles, which works fairly well. On our internet pages, we do provide away some details, however as a type of loss-leader: folks can sign up for acquiring more info or acquire guides (and discussions). They can also hire us as specialists.

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