BlackBerry CEO outlines path to profitability

BlackBerry Chief Executive Officer outlines road to earnings
BlackBerry intends to return to productivity by focusing on venture services and monetising BlackBerry Messenger. John Chen, the former Sybase employer recently enlisted as BlackBerry'' s Interim President, has detailed several of the ways he plans to …
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United States Wireless Carriers Will End up being Innovators Again In 2014
To monetise, carriers could sell their LTE-linked information services directly to vehicle drivers. (Gigaom). In various other news … iOS VS. ANDROID IN 2014: Anticipate even more tools running Android compared to ever previously, including also Computers, but Apple is still the winner for individual …
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BBC Web server Hacked by Russian Cyber Criminal
Bigger companies are targeted more since hackers can conveniently monetise their gains,” “claimed Alex Holden, creator of Hold Security. “”Theoretically talking, a cyberpunk which manages to adjust or fabricate an information tale could collapse economic markets, make …
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Help! My Twitter page is growing fast! What is the best way to monetize?

Question by Colin: Help! My Twitter web page is expanding quick! What is the ideal method to monetize?
It’s up over 1000 followers yet I don’t wish to monetize it until I obtain a few many thousand. Every one of these tweeps are targeted to a specific niche/common interest, and I’ve made good friends with some. It’s fun just connecting but I ‘d ultimately like to see it make some money. I find out about mylikes, sponsored tweets, revtwt etc. However just how do you effectively make use of these techniques successfully while maintaining many of your fans? If anyone has insight and/or personal experience, some tips would be awesome. Many thanks!

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Response by Webers
Sign up with as associate to sites that relate to your tweets/interests and whenever tweeting consist of pertinent associate web link url together with your tweet. By doing this you could get affiliate commission one time or monthly based upon the member terms

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